Thursday, February 27, 2020

Designer babies; scientific and ethical considerations Essay

Designer babies; scientific and ethical considerations - Essay Example There is no "random collection of facts", but the examples are relevant and logically linked together. The scientific considerations are concise introduce briefly the reader to the methods used. The figures, although not strictly necessary, are there to support the text in a visually pleasing manner. Starting a sentence with a verb may not be common, but it isnt wrong either. However, the incriminated sentence could be re-worded as: "IVF is an assisted reproductive technology (ART) that involves..." The ethical considerations didnt miss any major points, but had to be shortened in order to fit the essay format. This paper isnt an exhaustive review on the topic, or it would have been far much longer. The conclusion does make a clear summary of the various aspects of PGD then broadens the scope once again to make the reader think about the topic once the paper has been read. This is basically an article about the philosophy of science, and should encourage the readers to think for themselves after exposing the problem in a clear manner. In general, the language used is professional, without any slang, and the punctuation is indeed correct. The grammatical mistake highlighted by the reviewer is actually a misquote of the paper and should read: "Both techniques combined gave rise to..." All subsequent appreciation of the grammar should therefore be viewed with a critical eye, as there doesn’t seem to be any

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